Did you just start a bakery and wonder why there aren’t hoards of people walking in? Or do you find stagnation in the number of people ordering on a daily basis?

Well, if you thought just opening a bakery at a prime location is enough, trust me, you have it wrong. Luckily for you, we know just what you can to get the ball rolling again. Here are 5 tried and tested tricks that are sure to catch the eyes of potential customers.

How to get more customers in your bakery

Give the nutritional value of items

Well, if you haven’t noticed already, there has been quite an uptrend in the consumption of healthy foods. After all, who doesn’t love the beach bod, right?

And if you have a range of Keto products or a brownie that is high in protein then it is time you let your customers know about it by providing them its nutritional value.

This transparency creates trust amongst the customers and they are bound to come back for more. And in case you don’t have such a product, get TruffleNation course details and enroll today.

Keep it lively

Nothing catches the attention of customers walking by then some live music. Yup, a hot cup of coffee, chocolate pastry and some soulful music is sometimes all the heart really needs.

Apart from that, you also give your customers some games they can enjoy.  If you can’t fit in a foosball table, even board games can be fun. Make sure to have a set Ludo, carrom, chess and snake and ladders around.

Even holding events on special days or bakery anniversary can help turn a few heads.

Free Samples

When Cookieman came to India, no one had really heard about them. Today, they are one of the largest cookie chains and guess what, giving free samples is one of the reasons they became so popular.

Many of the ice parlors also follow this strategy. So if you haven’t yet, it is time to give potential customers a taste of your best items. All you have to do is make sure to get that flavor spot on (as they say, nobody ever says no free food).

Get Wi-Fi

In a year when mobile data has become more and more expensive, free Wi-Fi is something everyone craves. After all, 2GB is a day just does not cut it, right? Providing free Wi-Fi will attract not just those than want to enjoy a movie with a cup of coffee but also workaholics.

Yup, your cafe could turn into the next big co-working space and if that guarantees one thing it is that your coffee machine and oven are going to operate in full swing all day long (after all, nothing like some grilled sandwich and black coffee on a busy day).

Discounts and Loyalty Points

Sometime back Costa Coffe has this deal where they gave the 10th coffee free. Offers like that are tempting and make the customers want to order more.

Furthermore, you can throw in a bagel with a coffee at a cheaper price turning it into a combo hard to turn down. Also, make sure you run discounts like happy hours or super Sundays to drive in customers and have it written down on a big fat board outside the bakery so nobody ever misses it.