When it comes to baking there is a stark difference between professionals and beginners. Baking like an expert isn’t just about the recipe or skills, it is also about the attitude. It is about doing the right things at the right time in the right manner.

So if you want to go pro, here are 4 skills that separate the professionals from the rest that you should instill into your baking and day to day life activities.

5 Skills that Define a Professional Baker

Be organized

Whether you are baking or cooking if you want to stay on top of things being organized is important. When you are organized finding the required tools, ingredients, etc. becomes easy which makes the whole process a breeze.

Try to look for tools through a scatter and you are bound to spill ingredients, break equipment and in the bargain lose your cool.

And no we are not saying you need to go label all the equipment right away. It is all about how you store. Make sure the most-used equipment is stored close to your workstation so you can grab them and put them back within seconds.

Also, remember to clean the counter and equipment after mixing the batter, creaming a cake and so on. A spotless kitchen is the hallmark of an expert.

Stick to the Recipe

This is something many experts will tell you from time to time, baking is a science. Every ingredient you mix like baking powder or baking soda is because it creates a reaction that causes the cake to fluff and stay moist.

And if the recipe says 2ml of an ingredient, trust me,  they mean precisely 2ml. A little more or little less could the difference between a rock hard cake and one that just wouldn’t set.

Make sure you are using measuring spoons, cups and a kitchen scale to get the measurements right.

But what if I want to experiment?

In that case, you need detailed knowledge about the ingredients and baking process which only the best bakery classes in Delhi can teach you.

Be good at Communicating and Delegating

Whether you are running your own bakery or home business or working in one, you are going to have people working around you, some even looking up to you which means you need to have good communication skills.

After all, teamwork is all about good communication. Trust your team and delegate the work to each member of the team. This will not only give them confidence but also make day to day tasks easier for you, in turn, freeing up time so you can focus on further developing your business.

Have patience

As they say, patience is a virtue. Whether it is about letting the cake, cookies, etc. cook for a required time or letting them cool down once they are out of the oven, in baking, there are things you just cannot hurry up.

The minutest of deviations can have the biggest impacts so start early if you have to. Also, make sure you read the recipe thoroughly 2-3 times before starting, double-check the ingredients and pre-heat the oven rather than amping it up later on (like it or not, that hardly ever ends well).